Moving head light stage lighting effect

Moving head light is a popular stage lighting effect that uses a motor to move a rotating yoke. These lights can be divided into two main types, wash lights and contours. Wash lights provide a one-color wash across the stage, while contour lights provide sharply focused patterns. Most shows use a mix of the two types. Using a “gobo”, the moving head light can be split into dozens of smaller beams. This will make it appear as if there are more lights moving.

Moving head light stage lighting effect

Moving head lights are a great way to create an effect on your stage, bar or dance hall. They come in many different styles and colors, and also have different patterns for different purposes. Some are designed for DJ performances, while others are used for family gatherings. These lights will provide stunning visual effects and have many useful functions.

Color wheel

Moving head lights can be programmed to have specific color schemes. This can be done by using a color wheel. The color wheel is used to mix different colors and create new ones. The color of the beam can also be controlled using the automatic framing system. In addition, the color wheel can produce special effects such as rotating patterns and animations.


Correct positioning of moving head lights is critical to creating the best stage lighting effects. They are a versatile lighting device that can be placed in a variety of locations. They can be used at wide angles to illuminate wide areas and can be used to create darker effects. For best results, calculate how much light to use relative to your stage and other areas. Also, look for lamps that offer strong beam penetration and long reach.

In theatrical performances, overhead lights are often used to create an atmosphere. It can also be used for accented specials. The main advantage of this lighting is that it minimizes spillage of the light source. The main disadvantage is that such use can lead to poor vision. To counteract this, lower angle side lights can be used to counteract the lighting.

Strobe effect

Moving head light is a stage lighting effect that follows the movements of the artist. These lights can be controlled by a number of different functions. Some are dimming controls, while others can be flash. Moving head lights can be used to highlight soloists or groups.

Moving head lights can be divided into two categories: headlights and contour lights. Scrubber lamps project a wider beam of color. Both contour lights and wash lights are used for stage lighting effects, and most shows will use a combination of both types. Moving head lights can also be split into smaller beams by using gobos (splitting one beam into a dozen smaller beams).

Moving head lights are a staple in the touring music industry. They are becoming more and more popular on the outdoor stage.

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