37*15W RGBW 4in1 Beam Wash Zoom LED


Input voltage: AC90-260V 50-60HZ

LED Source: 37x15w high power RGBW 4 in 1 LED

LED Control feature: Circle control(4 circle,the central led as a circle)+group control(7group,each 6 leds as a group,the central led as individual group)

Dimming: 0%-100% linear dimming

Control mode: DMX512, voice control, automatic, master/slave

DMX channel: 24/36/48CH

Color temperature:10000-2500K

Strobe: 1-25 times/sec random strobe

Beam zoom: 5-60°

Display: LCD colorful display

  1. W:13.5KG

Lighting Size:33x26x41cm



1.The chassis shell is made of ABS anti-flame retardant material, which is resistant to fall and oxidation, and is light and compact
2.Real-time view of the current lamp bead temperature
3.XY axis fine-tuning and lamp white balance parameters can be set
Adjustable color temperature 10000-2500K
4.This lamp has a circle control function. When in 36-channel mode, it can be divided into four circle layers from the inside to the outside to control separately
5.When in the 48-channel mode, there are seven groups of ring control effects.
6.The first group is 1 lamp bead as a group, and the other six groups are every 6 lamp beads as a group. Each group of ring control effects can independently control RGBW.
7.This light has a rich built-in running light effect, which can adjust the direction and speed of the running light


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