2x100W 2 Eyes LED Blind Light High-power Professional Stage Lighting for DJ Disco Party

Product Specification:

  • Input voltage: AC90-260V 50-60HZ
  • Model:BL200
  • Light source: 2*100W CW/WW
  • CT: 3000K(Color temperature can be customized)
  • DMX Channel: 4CH
  • Operatemode: DMX 512, master-slave control
  • Light size:40*15*22cm
  • W.:3.5kg

Product Features:

  • Small size, light weight, high brightness, high CRI, and uniform spreading.
  • It can independently control a single lamp bead or set the signal retention function
  • When the signal is disconnected, the light remains in the Indestructible state and automatically recognizes the master and slave functions.

Product Details:



LED Blinder 2 (COB light source) can meet the stage use with strict lighting requirements. For example, in concerts and stadiums, neat lights are arranged behind or on both sides of the stage, which are generally realized by LED blind lights.

Why do you choose the two eyes LED blind light(BL200)?

  • Two eyes LED blind light has the advantage of high brightness and high indication, which ensures the illumination and visual requirements of the characters.The overall lighting effect of the stage is better and the efficiency is higher.
  • Two eyes LED blind light has a anti glare and soft light. The color temperature is consistent, and the light emitted is soft and free of glare to ensure the visual effect of the characters, especially the actors and athletes, whose vision is always upward.
  • Two eyes LED blind light has energy conservation, environmental protection and radiation free. LED is a cold light source, which saves energy and electricity, has good light quality and low temperature.

Product Effect:

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