“S711” S711 Buddha— profile Moving Head Light


Lamp technical parameters

Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: V1:48V(light source), V2:24V(a main board)
Power consumption: 600 W
Power supply: 800W
Light source: 600W Module LED Engine
Color temperature: 8500K
Linear CTO color temperature adjustment (2700K-7000K)
Standard color rendering index Ra ≥ 70
High color rendering index Ra ≥ 90
Diameter of optic lens: 120mm
Beam angle: 5°-55°
Linear CMY color mixing system
Color wheel: 1 color wheel, 5 fixed colors that can be rotated in both directions
Fixed Gobo : 1 fixed gobo ,8 fixed gobo
Rotation Gobo: 1 rotating gobo , 7 Rotation Gobo, patterns can be replaced
Prism: 4 prisms that can be rotated in both directions (prism angle 14 °)
Two independent frost tablets (Mild and moderate) can be used in combination
Cutting system: 4 grating to achieve fast and smooth cutting, each grating
cutting direction and Angle can be independently controlled; The entire cutting
module can be rotated 90°
0-100% 16bit smooth dimming(Four dimming modes)
Adjustable refresh frequency, HD camera shooting without flicker
More strobe effects, variable speed
DMX Channel: 35/39/34CH
Operate mode: DMX512, master/slave, RDM(Art-Net Optional)
Electronic autofocus
Outstanding strobe effect with variable speed
Control panel: LCD touch screen, touch buttons with backlight
Intelligent protection of overheat temperature
Built-in lithium battery, no power can also operate the menu Settings
X-axis rotation angle: 540°
Y-axis rotation angle: 270°
P/T: 16 bit precision scanning, no deviation
XY axis magnetic coding positioning is more accurate
Three phase motor with SY Brand
Signal Outlet: standard 3 PIN XLR /5PIN XLR socket,(Customizable ART-NET)
Standard with 50MM folding fixture
Fixture size: 376x265x723mm
Net weight: 27KG


S711 set light beam, spot, wash and cutting functions in one, pure color, uniform spot, color plate, glass gobo plate, CTO, CRI plate are schott materiall, small appearance, light weight, its base is small and delicate, help reduce the

weight of the lamp, linear CMY color mixing system, Provides rich color

saturation and clear seamless color transitions. LED adopts energy-saving and

environment-friendly 600W monochrome LED light engine, which can produce

extremely high light output white light, color temperature of 8000K, light flux of

light source up to 34,000lm. The 120mm diameter high quality optical lens

produces a very uniform spot, CRIRA≥90, and zoom range 5°- 55,The cutting

system consists of 4 gratings, which can be rotated ± 45°, giving designers

unlimited spot creativity. Two high brightness atomizing pieces of new materials

can be respectively inserted and superimposed. With 14° prism, achieve rich

prism effect, and adapt to 3pin/5pinXLR interface. ATR-NET can be customized, standard with fast loading and unloading fast lock light hook, 16BIT dimming, a

variety of dimming mode switching options,High refresh rate, no flicker under

high-definition camera, intelligent fan temperature control, switching to multi fan mode.

Effect wheel:




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