Moving head lamp T911 Pioneer double brightness than 7R lamp 230W

Technical Specification:

Input Voltage: 100-240V, 50/60Hz
Output Voltage: V1:36V(Master board), V2:12V(cooling fan) , V3:380V(lamp)
Power consumption: 365 W
Power supply: 550W
Light source: PHILIPS MSD Silver 300 LL (3000 hours)
Color temperature: 7800K
Diameter of optic lens: 145mm
Beam angle: 0.6°-2°
Color wheel: 1 color wheel, 14 fixed colors plus white, two-way rainbow effect
Static gobo: 16 gobos plus 1 white circle
Prism: Equipped with 18 prism, and 8+16+24 honeycomb prism, the two prisms can be stacked and rotated in both directions
DMX Channel: 18CH
Operate mode: DMX512, self-propelled, master/slave, RDM

1. Electric focuing system with 0-100% smooth dimming
2. Overheating self-energy protection can extending lamp life
3.Three phase Motor with SY Brand ( XY axis magnetic coding positioning is more accurate)
4. With fog and colorful effect wheel
5. High quality LCD touch screen
6. Power in & Out connector,3 or 5pin XLR inout & output can optional
7. Folding clamp can optional